Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh I'm so excited!!!

(Oh I'm breaking fresh ground in my life!!! This is what I have always wanted for many years, finally I'm achieving it!)

My dear friend, dost or a visiter wishes a new life,

Thank you for coming and visiting me. With you, I'll feel not alone, so sharing here will courage me more.

What you are gonna see will be many interesting and real stories of me that you'll be inspired by. (I wish the same for me when I sometimes feel a looser)

Why do I write? As long as I lived so far, I noticed something incredibly weird that is human being "forget" even who s/he is.
So... I'm gonna write to remind myself the things I sometimes forget...

Moreover, in my culture people so often forget to enjoy and have fun in their life. I wanna enjoy and see you enjoy from the life you live.

Finally, I'm not a person who knows everything and as you will see I'll never claim&proof something's true or not.. We're now here to (be) inspire(d) and from the anything we're gonna share :)

Never hesitate to give me feedback that will courage us more to share... :)

Thank you very much for being with me...

Love you!



Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, good luck with it!

We could all use the time to reflect on ourselves every once in a while, and remember to have fun! Life is not a rehearsal after all!

You could put some pictures on here too, so we all know what you've been up to!

Good luck,


Resul said...

Good luck Gül Nur,

I am sure this blog will be an exciting one for me. I will be following up your blog :)

Go on !!


Gül Nur Bilek said...

Dear Resul and Dave THANK YOU!!!
Your comments really couraged me a lot!!! And I am so Happy NOW! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Gul,
What an excellent idea. I once had a good friend say that it is hard to trust anyone's ideas unless they have the discipline of writing down their thought first!

We loved spending time with you and your Mom. You are two very special women!
Much love

reroha said...

nurcugum! i love this. i am following you and can't wait to see what you write. lots of love!!

ebru said...

gönlünce olsun canım her şey... paylaşımlarını dikkatle takip edeceğim... ve çok eğleneceğimi düşünüyorum...

öpüyorum canım.. hayırlı olsun :)

good luck...

way to go!!!!!!!

(psk. ebru budak)

Gül Nur Bilek said...

My very dear Sara&family, Rebecca and Ebrum.. You really made my day with your fantastic comments that incredibly couraged me!!!
Sara a surprise is coming very soon! :)