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Nur in One of the Wonders of Istanbul: Princes' Islands!

Buyuk Ada
I fell in love with this beautiful villa, please see the phaeton:)

Dear friends, in 2010 summer I had a chance to see the Princes' Islands. As I had always heard about them, I wanted to go and visit the islands as soon as I got the chance. One is called Büyük Ada (the largest and the most famous one), which is translated as “large island” to English. As you can easily understand “ada” means “island”. Uff, I’m really sorry, somehow I can not stop the teacher inside J If one of your parents is a teacher, you always have him/her inside of you, even if you never want, and that means you always love to share the info with the people around. Uff, too much talk, that’s enough! Let me show you a photo of lovely Büyük Ada.

Unique Cultural Synthesis of Byzantine, Ottoman, Turkish and Western Cultures

I LOVED THIS PHOTO! Not taken by me. Buyuk Ada in Autumn.
But I'll go (inşallah) back there to take autumn photos next year..
The tour of the island is one of the greatest joys! If you go to Büyük Ada you should try phaeton which takes you all over the island. One of the best things of the island is motor vehicles are not permitted on the island, so people walk or rent a bicycle or horse-drawn carriage, even ride a donkey! :)

But if I prefered to to see the island by walking till I got exhausted, thanks God I found one phaeton around on the way back. Don't worry it's very easy, you can see them anywhere around.   

Another awesome villa :)

Buyuk Ada is famous for its splendid villas. GOD GRANT ME ONE Pleasee! (I wrote it in pink to make my wish seem lovelier, you think it works?)
Here's the another photo! Each of the houses is very beautiful. I was impressed so much that while I was leaving the island I found myself thinking of how I could manage to settle down on the island.


Taken from my helicopter :)
Hehe, just kidding! Of course not!
Coz I left mine in Istanbul :))
That's easy! You just take a ferry or fast passenger ferry (sea bus) from different piers of the city, Istanbul, and after half an hour sea travel you arrive at the first island.
If you wanna go to Büyük Ada which is the biggest one, you have to complete 1 hour sea travel, because Buyuk Ada is the last island.


You'll definitely love the trip accompanied by friendly dolphins!

In my first trip to the islands I totally focused on the sea to see a group of dolphin. Well, could I? Yes I diiiiiidd!!! It was great to see them jumping out of the water.

To be honest, this is not taken by me :) But what could I do?
I couldn't manage to take a photo of them as I didn't waste
my time preparing the camera while fantastic dolphins were
 jumping out of the water!:)

Btw, you can also see them if you look at the Bosphorus carefully! Ahaha, it sounds like "You can even see the Smurfs if you become a good kid" Anyone who never watched The Smurfs? I was totally a fan of them, I can still watch it. Uff, too much talk again!


No worries, I'm not gonna tell you the history of the church:) 
But the question is: If you are a Middle Eastern, a European or an Asian it's ok, you may skip reading the details when you see something from the 6th century; what if you are an American? 

One of my American friends had his holiday in the Aegean costs of Turkey this summer. You should have seen his face when he saw historical structures from the 5th century B.C. I guess the reason is it's a bit (!) earlier than landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas :) God I really talk too much! Somebody should stop me, please!

What I would like to tell about is Aya Yorgi Church and Monastery which has been on the top of the hill on the Buyuk Ada. There is also a very nice restaurant where you can eat or drink.

Suddenly I found myself praying in the church with a great peace inside. As a muslim, I must confess that I can pray anywhere reminds me God; and also anywhere to remember God.  
Every 23rd of April, on the day of St. George, thousands of Greeks and Turks come to Aya Yorgi Church and a great celebration takes place in Buyuk Ada. 

Means "If God wants/let me" in Islam. And I know that it is writen also in the Bible.
What I want to tell is whenever I said "I'm gonna do this/go there etc..." I could never managed to to do it. And I also know that, as Robbie said, "I sit and talk to God, and he just laughes at my plans." So, insallah I would like to see 23rd of April celebrations this year in Buyuk Ada. So, what do you think, is "inşallah" enough to make my wish come true, or should I write it in pink? I think I have been taught the answer very well.

You can ride a donkey to climb on the top of the hill to get to the Aya Yorgi Church :)

 Finally, let me show you a very interesting trash can! I guess the people in Buyuk Ada are so gentile that they even take care of the empty water bottles and do anything they can for their convinience :) Please see the swing made for the empty bottles!
The photos are great, but believe me the atmosphere in Buyuk Ada is much greater. Yet, if you still would like to see more photos click on the link below:

My dear friends, thank you very much for the feedbacks!
I love you all :)


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