Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How a baboon is associated with a job seeker...

I'm watching Nat Geo Wild laying down on my sofa, doing one of the most relaxing things I can do after a looong day. 

I see some baby baboons trying to swim across the river with the help of other adult baboons. Then the camera focuses on a baby baboon doesn't get any help from other adult baboons. He has to swim alone in the wild river where full of hospitable(!) crocodiles are. The baby is aware of the danger and looks around with fearful eyes while trying to swim across the river. You can't imagine how lovely it is in spite of the horror in his eyes. Now I want to jump into the screen (btw thanks to HD broadcast!) and save him from the horible river. Seems interesting... 

While I'm thinking about the possible reasons, the narrator breaks the silence and explains: The adult baboons doesn't help that baby as all his relatives have already died. Can you believe the rest of the group doesn't help the baby because he has no relatives alive!? Does the story sound familiar to you???  

I know it doesn't sound a happy story, but this is real life! Now I'm curious, what did you think when you read about the documentary above? Somehow it's reminded me desperate job seekers have to fight alone against the wild business world full of educated crocodiles!

Anyway... Now I have to get up prepare my suitcase as I'm leaving to Milano in two days. It's gonna be a huge show called "Host" and I know it's gonna be sooo tiring at the end of the day...

It's interesting but though I lived in Turin and Rome (I do love both cities btw!) somehow I have a little bit prejudice about Milan which is not that good. I must confess I've been to Milan only twice (without visiting the city- it's ironic!) once at the airport, the second one was te train station experience when I was going to Switzerland! So how come and I have this stupid prejudice before visiting a city!!!??? Would it be a "Berlusconi affect"? :) :) :) Oh Mio Dio! I guess I've just created a new word for Psychology jargon! If I modify it properly yes I can! "Berlusconiphobia" :) Anyway just kidding! It wouldn't be fair if I associate a city with the owner of its football club.

I should head out now to prepare my suitcase..

Wish you all a great week!


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