Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Colleague Did a Great Job!!!

Yes she did! Making me feel so proud of working in the same organization with her. And a question arised... Have you ever thought about the feeling of being proud of colleagues may increase the organizational commitment among employees? Maybe we should study on it? Though I studied on "Organizational commitment in cross-cultural environments" at university, I never mentioned about how a colleague could increase the motivation in a team. Wow!!! I just discovered a new thing! I love when my humble effort to arise my awareness to what is happening in the world or to discover the nature of  human being. Ohh, I think I should go back to my academic life again! (Uff, too much talking for an introductory part) 

I was at Indigo friday night to see the amazing Flamenco Show of Ángel Muñoz. Though this was not my first flamenco experience (anybody remembers the fantastic show at Sabanci University last year?) I must confess that Ángel has made the only show that hypnotise the audience. 
You may ask that how I will associate a fantastic flamenco show with my colleague's success... So, here's the story. 

Last week I was in a meeting of the new magazine we will publish and there was so much brain storming (I definitely love it as it does help you to know about your colleagues like nothing else can!). I highly recommend it if you have not tried it yet! I found out that the marketing manager, Tuğba, danced flamenco, and she knew about my high interest to dance during the meeting. And I was with an invitation for Ángel Muñoz's Dance Show in my hand at the end of the meeting. :) 

Right after the meeting she told me about what she was working on lately which was impressed me a lot and made me write to share what I heard about. She is the founder of the website which you can hear about on TV programs recently. Let me explain some about the precious project. Basicly,

1) You take the photos of the roads, pavements, and all the constructions in public area that make inconvenience to the people with physical disabilities in public area. 
I choose this photo as it has reminded me
my childhood in my grandparents' farm

2) Why do we do that? Because, if you take the photos of buildings and places that make inconvenience to the people with disabilities and load to the website (indicating the address on the google map), they will be fixed as soon as possible as the Burada Engellendim" project is continuously followed and officially suported by authorized people at the Metropolitan Municipalities.

3) When the inacurate construction is fixed "This is Fixed" note will be seen on the photo! :) That's it all!
I am aware of the parking problem in Istanbul...
but now I am also aware of  the difficulties disabled people face :(
Shall we be sensitive to disables before we have a disabled relative?

Special thanks to dear Tugba for all her efforts in creating page and doing her best to announce it! (And I think I should not forget Ángel's super show too!

With my very best wishes & Have a great week all!


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ebru budak said...

great..... thanks a lot for sharing and making us knew about that webside... i felt your enthusiasm from here...